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Dr Temt Azulene Milk Dr Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene and Make Up Remover Dr Temt Azulene Toner
Dr.Temt Azulene Milk 8.4Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene 8.4 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Azulene Toner 8.4 Fl.Oz

Bestseller - Gentle Cleansing Milk

Watersoluble Oil Cleanser for all skin types

Bestseller - Azulene Toner




Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Mousse Cleanser Dr TemtSericin Eye Cream Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Eye Care
Dr.Temt Mousse Cleanser 3.38 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Sericin Eye Cream 0.5 Fl.OzDr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Eye Care 0.51 fl.oz

Foam cleanser for all skin types

High performance eye cream for a silky touch


Rich Textured Eye Cream




Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Lifting Serum Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Intensive Care Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Mask
Dr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Lift Serum 1.01 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Intensive Care 1.69 Fl.OzDr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Mask 3.38 Fl.Oz

Silky hydrating serum with anti aging benefits

Rich Cream for Face,Neck & Decollete

Rejuvenated Cream Mask




Dr Temt Moisturizing Cream with Epidermin
Dr.Temt Moisture Cream with Epidermin 1.69 Fl.Oz

Rich textured cream for Face,Neck & Decollete